Toner Hacks For Your Skin

Toners have always been an underrated beauty product, it does not foam up like cleansers and could potentially strip your skin dry if it contains too much alcohol for skins liking but despite that toners offer numerous benefits such as exfoliating and restoring the skins pH levels. If that is not enough to convince you here are some toner hacks that hopefully would make the toner your beauty staple: 

#1 Aftershave 

There’s no shame ! We all do it! Sweep some toner onto your legs to sooth irritated skin after you shave. This will get rid of ingrown hairs, dead skin and any leftover residue. It’s an added bonus if your toner has lavender in it  because it smells good and will make it even more suitable for sensitive areas like your armpits and bikini line.

#2 De-puffer

Put your toner into the fridge until it is cold enough for you and wet your 2 cotton pads (if you want to de-puff your eyes) or blank sheet mask (if you want to de-puff your face) and leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes. If you want to do more than de-puff and hydrate you can pick a toner with specific ingredients that can treat your concerns. For example, vitamin c for brightening and BHA for acne. 

#3 Alternative Treatment

Firstly, pick a toner that suits your needs and perform the 7 skin method. If you have not heard about it the 7 skin method, it is actually really easy. Just gently pat the toner all over your face, neck and décolletage like you normally do but repeat it 7 times. If you only want to target a specific area use a cotton pad instead. 

#4 Makeup Remover

Mix your toner with some coconut or olive oil and watch how easily your makeup leaves your face. The oil helps to dissolve makeup while toner helps to remove makeup plus dirt and debris. 

 #5 Spray Tan Prep 

Apply toner over your spray tan area to exfoliate the skin to reveal smoother skin. The clean and smooth skin will help your spray tan adhere better and prevent your skin from drying out.

#6 Diluter 

We have all been there, we buy a new serum or ampoules but we are all too scared to try it. Why? Because we are not sure if it’s suitable for our skin. Here’s a tip mix it up with a few drops of your favourite toner to dilute it. This will give your skin more time to get use to it while allowing you to receive the benefits of serum or ampoules. 

#7 Mist 

Pour your toner and water into a spray bottle. The mixing ratio should be about 2:1, 2 being toner while 1 being mineral water. Once you’ve done that give it a shake and spray away !