In-Flight Beauty Mistakes

Jetsetters! Ever boarded your flight with perfect skin but step off the plane with a bloated face, a new pimple, dry or dull skin ? If the answer is yes, chances are you might be committing one of these mistakes: 

#1 Wearing heavy make up on the flight 

There’s nothing wrong with wearing make up onto a flight as long as it’s not heavy and you remove it before you sleep. Instead of opting for your daily foundation why not use a BB or CC cream which provides you more than just the coverage and glow that you need. Most BB or CC creams are packed with antioxidants and they contain SPF (which is very important). Pair that up with simple eyeliner, some creamy blush (Trust us it will hold longer than their powder counterparts) and our personal favourite a red lip and Voila! You are airport chic ready ! 

#2 Skipping sunblock

Yes, even when you are up in the air you still need to apply sunblock. According to Justine Hextall, a dermatologist at the Harley Medical Group, UV exposure increases significantly at 30,000 feet and you know what happens to your skin when it’s exposed to the sun. UV rays destroy the collagen under your skin hence, giving you wrinkles faster! So, do not forget your sun block or use a BB or CC cream that has SPF. 

#3 Failure to remove your make up 

This is especially important on long haul flights. Grease and dirt can clog up your pores giving you post-flight acne. With that said this does not mean that you need to double cleanse on the flight. Instead you can use cleansing water which will help remove the make up and hydrate the skin at the same time. 

PS: Do not forget to clean your face with cleansing water before you reapply your make up.

#4 Ignoring your skins thirst 

Being on the flight is equivalent to being in the desert for your skin. If you are shy to sheet Mask on the plane why not put a heavy moisturiser, night oil or our personal favourite a sleeping mask ! Other than the skincare benefits, the frangrance from the sleeping masks provide a soothing effect which helps us fall asleep and the best part is that it has a clear matte finish. Perfect for shy people like us.

#5 Spraying instead of drinking water 

Drink water but do not spray water on your face. Water attracts water hence, spraying water on your face will only dry it out even more.