Eye Cream Hacks That Benefit More Than Just Your Eyes

I'm pretty sure that an eye cream is already a staple in your skincare routine if its not then you should consider getting one like the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream or the Missha Seum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream because it does more than just help your eyes stay bright and young such as: 

#1 Plump up lips 

The areas around our eyes and lips are the thin and are where we normally spot our first wrinkle. An eye cream is actually designed to cater to the thin skin area around the eyes. Hence, by applying the eye cream to the areas around your mouth at night it can act as an overnight mask to hydrate and plump out the skin around your beautiful pout. 

#2 Blend it with makeup

Don't fret an eye cream can actually be applied around your entire face. So by mixing it with your BB or CC cream or your foundation it amps up the hydration levels through out your entire day. Plus, the other benefits that your eye cream provides for your eyes will be applied on your skin hence, you will be strengthening your skin all day long ! 

#3 Eye Makeup Fixer

Simply add some eye cream on your cotton bud and erase that tiny nasty cat eye mistake or tidy it up. 

#4 De-puff

Not all eye creams are created equal. Some do not come with any de-puffying ingredients. But don't worry you can always put your eye cream in the fridge prior to applying it. The coldness will soothe any redness and puffyness without preventing your eye cream from performing its original function. Keeping it in the fridge is also a good way to lengthen its shelf life especially if it uses natural ingredients. 

#5 Eye Mask

Use it the same way you would as a sleep mask but limit it to the areas around your eyes and lips. This will allow the skin to absorb it without any interruptions as your skin repairs itself at night.

So, which eye cream hack is your favourite?